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I found almost no resources to help me understand whether or not my decision to break off the engagement was the right one. Our relationship was based on mutual fear, not love or support. Just as the decision to get married is very personal, the decision to end an engagement is only something you will know how to do. Even if you went through with the wedding, the money is still gone.

If you are faced with the same situation, how will you know right now if it's the best option, without the advantage of hindsight? I wish I could hold your hand and walk you through the process. My hope is that you can at least take a look and see if any of the following five points resonate with you.1. Recoup what you can, sell the rest, and save the services for later if possible. Most likely a panicky Google search in the middle of the night ... If you can discover the root of your concern, you'll have a much better answer to the question of whether or not to call off your engagement.

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God is always faithful and truly gives us the desires of our hearts. He was my best friend and we shared everything, except our faiths.

He became possessive and angry when I chose to spend time with anyone other than him.

I knew I felt off, but it took a long time to ask why.

While the heartthrob may be ready to throw caution to the wind, Hadid is reportedly not too keen on the idea of marriage − at least for now.

A source told the publication that the proposal was "too fast" and she "doesn't feel ready yet".

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With every well-timed cupcake and back rub, I found myself a little heavier and a little less social.

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  1. It’s yours to keep, whatever you decide to do next, and it’s sure to give you a fascinating insight into your core personality traits – it might even help you to make better dating decisions in the future!